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12626 Anita Pl, Suite 100
Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone: 719.264.8545

Rent IQ - The Optimum Return on Investment

Rent IQ empowers property management companies to project a professional corporate image online and effectively market individual properties. With easy browser-based website administration, and an online search tool to help online visitors find property websites. Rent IQ provides maximum marketing value for property management companies.

Main Features:


Custom online showcase and search solutions for maximum marketing dollar results

· Superior corporate and individual property websites for controlled marketing and brand building

Full easy-to-use back-end control for administrators

Easy web based management of property features, floor plans, and other specs

Full property location, features, price and floor plan search capabilities

Full reporting of website visitor search patterns


Demo: property management software

Rent IQ facilitates more control of corporate identity and branding and therefore, more control of an online visitor’s experience. With Rent IQ, you are able to ensure online visitors receive the projected image of your properties and your company that will aid them in making a decision in your favor.

Generic template website providers (rental referral services) dilute your properties’ unique features and character - turning them into “just another click.” Rent IQ gives you full control of your own brand and identity and professionally projects it throughout your customized website with the perfect blend of image and information.

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