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Rent IQ is delivered as a service via the Internet. Based on the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, Rent IQ is a centrally managed business application utilizing secure internet connections as its network infrastructure. Rent IQ's programming and system architecture employs Macromedia Cold Fusion and Microsoft's SQL.

Several layers of encryption and security are evoked for each server transaction. Request Call-Back Authentication (RCBA) within the VPN guarantees security in transit. These security layers must be met for any page to display content or allow for the downloading of data files. Content is then only available when the connection between the internal applications servers, database servers, storage severs and browser client are in the proper configuration. Any discrepancy will halt the execution of commands.

Rent IQ's intuitive security tiered login system provides users with multiple layers of access to applications, groups and documents as permitted by the user login. 

Hosting Facility
Rent IQ's servers are housed in a state-of-the-art datacenter with four redundant fiber optic connections to the Internet, a three hour conditioned Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and a backup diesel generator.  This multi-million dollar facility has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power or HVAC. Power systems are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. The data center is equipped with a Fenwal laser-based high sensitivity smoke and heat detection system, and a pre-action water based fire suppression system to be used in the unlikely event that one would start. The facility is monitored for intrusion detection with internal alarming and an external security service.

Data Back-up/Redundancy
Data redundancy and back-ups are a major part of the data protection protocols employed by Rent IQ's team. All data is mirrored to provide complete failover support. Even in the unlikely event that entire machines were to fail, clustered server architecture ensures the integrity and security of the data and system as a whole.

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