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Rent "IQ" - "Internet Quality"
Rent IQ delivers a robust, quality and scalable Internet solution that is powerful and cost-effective when used solo, or in tandem with traditional marketing practices.

· Take Control of Your Properties’ Marketing Image
Generic template website providers (rental referral services) dilute your properties’ unique features and character - turning them into “just another click.” Rent IQ gives you full control of your own brand and identity and professionally projects it throughout your customized website with the perfect blend of image and information.

· Guarantee a Permanent Web Presence for Every Property
No longer will you be forced to be selective about which of your properties won’t get the right online treatment. Rent IQ gives you quality, permanent websites at an affordable cost for every property

· Direct your Budget Towards Marketing Yourself Online
By design, rental referral services focus a website visitor’s experience on promoting themselves, not your properties. Worse of all, the people you personally send to the website for more information about your properties are subjected to gaudy online display advertising…and competitor listings that look the same as yours! In contrast, Rent IQ enables direct access to all your property websites to ensure a controlled visit that will maximize ROI of your marketing outlays.

· Benefit from Fast, Easy Web-Based Administration
Tedious website updating – typical when property websites are hosted by rental referral services – are gone forever! Rent IQ gives clients full control with easy “dashboard” commands throughout.

· Streamline Your Business Processes
Filling vacancies, marketing your properties and maintaining your online content is hassle free. Rent IQ delivers quality and speed.


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